Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New video game vulnerable to lights!

Can you imagine the sensitivity of gamer's dream shut down by Christmas lights? $600? I know it will do all sorts of household chores, but the season's decorations shouldn't hinder a gaming experience. The games can, however, make your kids idiots. For that fact-of-matter, They can just shut up and enjoy the lights and fudge.
And - Merry Christmas!

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Stan said...

How did you slip this posting in behind the one that you made this morning? I did notice that the date is 12/11 but it was not there an hour ago when I checked your site - Christmas pressure getting to you? Just kick back on the floor and pop a few coffee beans - you will be fine and soon enough, you will be back on schedule and not two days behind.

Stan said...

"Houston We Have A Problem" when did we add two more months to our calendar? I was just getting use to having 12 months each year - are these going to be winte4r or summer months? summer I would hope. Plumma - look at the date on the above posting which I made about two minutes ago! That new Beta Blogger program is sure a good change in the bloggers world. I wonder what date I am posting this - for that matter, what is this month called?

Stan said...

Pwerhaps, you are thinking of enlisting into the U.S. Navy. Your dates is the correct way when it comes to the military - day, month, year but I like the 14th month concept better - what could we name the 13th and 14th month - al the good names have been taken.

Stan said...

Now, your new posting is back on top - that is why I like to visit your site, it is just like a "box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"

JD Plumma said...

It could be the new "beta" in it's blind accuracy, although, I didn't get it.

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