Saturday, November 18, 2006

Headed to Squarebanks...

I'm driving to Fairbanks with my sister.
I don't plan on letting her drive, and she promised to SLEEP through be continued

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Heidi said...

hey i thought i was gonna see an accident!

Stan said...

Wow, you sure pick some strange places to go fishing, hopefully you packed some food! In your planning, I know you did not check the National Weather Service, lows tonight in the Squarebanks area is prognasticated at -10 to -25 below - you are going to have to scoop ice full time to keep your ice hole open - do Pike bite when the water is that cold? Drive safe and reurn safe.

JD Plumma said...

Pike DO bite when it's that cold, I DID check google earth AND National Weather Service for current and outlook temperatures (-6*F in Fairbanks Sat. morn. with 69% humidity & -4*F in Anch. with 90% humidity), and - yes - We had food and extra winter gear in case Cantwell got the best of us. It only got down to -15*F through Sat. nite, but was -22*F through Talkeetna. And, wasn't there accident(s) on the link? Thank God I didn't provide one - did you know our Chevy's mid-econo chip governs at 98 mph? It won't let me do 100!

Stan said...

Hey, I am glad your followed my seven P principle. Surprised to hear that your "chip" governs you at 98 mph, but I guess that is a Chevy thing. My Ford "chip" is set at 110 mph before it shuts things down, but that is in reverse, I am scared to try it in a forward speed. It would probably scare the hyolqq out of me!

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