Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Heard a rumor...

If there, ever, was a time, it's now.

Heard at the scrap yard, today, that copper prices are going down the first of the week. Is this a ploy to collect all the copper in the nation? At $1.76 per pound - as SCRAP - It's ALMOST hard to resist the 300 lbs (or, so) in the company rig. You should price pipe, though .... costs "the man" a dollar.
As far as our 75% pennies go - it IS against federal law to "scrap" them. Banks were heard of exchanging pennies for 1.2 cents! How come there is no "cents" button on my keyboard?! Still - at 1.2 "cents", how could you go wrong with that? I wonder if they would exchange my dollars to pennies..? Don't think too long...

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Shana said...

could you check the price for Nickel...I know where there are lots of nickels.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the extra gas money... Byrd will be so happy that we can now afford to go get her from camp.

Have a nice sgyza day....

Stan said...

For some unknown reason. I can see companies that work with a lot of copper, finding out that they are loosing a lot of their inventory through employee theft. I would also suggest that you get a permit to pack a shot gun or at a minimum a S&W .44 magnum in your work truck. With the price of copper, a robber could make more money by holding up a Plumma work truck than a Brink's Armored Car. At minimum, I would ask for a armed escort to ride shotgun with you to the job site. Have a great eznth plumbing day! Opps, have a good ygxml day anyway.

FishTaxi said...

this was in the trooper report the other day:

Location: Delta Junction
Case number: 06-47744
Type: Theft 2nd Degree
Text: On 6-5-06 at 1530 hours, Mark Letendre of Harris Sand & Gravel
reported the theft of two 200' lengths of 350 amp copper cable and tools
from a service trailer that had been parked at a scenic pull-out located
at MP 296 Richardson Highway. The cables were valued at $6000.00 each.
Investigation continues.
Author: JMW1
Received and posted Sunday, June 11, 2006 8:33 AM

Heidi said...

It wasn't JD....he was with me...i promise!!

Stan said...

See, I told you so! what does acftggwv mean in Latin?

JD Plumma said...

It's a prattle-filter, Stan!

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