Saturday, May 06, 2006

I love to build fire!

It's a good thing firewood is abundant and costless in this day and age, because, after paying the gas and oil companies for the use of their "toxic waste" for vehicle motion(the main reason we aren't driving pneumatic-engine vehicles(what would they do with the fuel(s)?)), we will have to resort to mystery tubes for dinner, as well as develop a pneumatic engine to get me back to work in the "big" town.

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Heidi said...

Do you see those Dogs...Pretty sad i tell you. I'll do anything not to have to eat more of those!!!

Stan said...

How the hell are you, I hate to admit it but I am starting to look forward to the weekends when you have time to blog. When I first saw the "dogs", I thought it was sausage, being cook without removing the wrapper but now that Heidi mentioned dogs, I could recognize them. Looks like the dogs that Homer cooks after consuming a half rack. After a awhile, he looses focus of the task at hand!

Shana said...

EXCUSE husband does not touch "dogs" let alone eat them...if the meat dont cost it's not worth the his motto...I could only wish feeding him was that cheap. Now his son seems to have this problem also...the boy will not eat "kid food"...gonna need a couple cows here.

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