Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blog about me!

I simply won’t be blogging. The camp’s no wi-fi spot.

The fire will be burning, but, reception isn’t hot.

Well pitch a tent, split some wood, start the raging fire.

I might come back Memorial Day, or, maybe I’ll retire.

The tank is full of gas. The truck is packed up thick.

We’ll dine on crackers, soda, and food the wife did pick.

I’m told the world of Anchorage will run without my dance.

I really don’t stop long enough to give the town a chance.

Now, I see meat on the grill – it was part of my dream.

I hope the hiway treats us well – as fair as it could seem.

The web works well at my house. The pavement remains black.

I hope y’all don’t miss me – I’ll blog when I get back.

How much fun can we truly have? We’ll simply have to see.

My only wish when I am gone – that you will blog about me!

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Tabitha-n-AK said...

Damn I missed my chance but I will think of something to raddle on about and I will be sure today is a day about jd plummr

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