Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK! I’m a dipstick! I forget to call my sister on her birthday, don’t remember any of my brother’s birthdays when it comes to THE DAY, anniversaries?, mine(ours), Mother’s day, Father’s day(You would think I could make more effort).

So – in the social realm – I’m kind of a low-rate, emotional touch. I remember (quite often) saying, “I get a day closer every year!” – I do!. Was that the 28th!? “Maybe I should set up a calendar on outlook”, I say to myself, but it seems I get sidetracked – like, when I pick up a good book and never get past the fifth line.

I might have been labeled with ADHD or, something, when I was young. I’m sure the terms were just in development at that stage of society. What we learn, can we pass on to the next generation? Can they achieve more because of our knowledge to build from? Well – MAYBE they will remember to call on my BIRTHDAY!!

My Mother and Father did teach me a lot more than I’ll probably ever know to expand from in thoughts and actions. My only hope is that, someday, one generation below me will remember to call, or, send a card to you on your special day…until they realize the world IS all about ME!

If Mothers were made up of candy, the sky would still be as blue

The world would be full of truffles and the sweetest of them would be you.

If Mothers were colorful flowers – all made of beautiful hue

Not only would you be so sweet, but, the prettiest one is you, too.

If Mothers were all made of gems – diamonds would be in there, too.

Courage would polish the facets, and love is your wonderful glue.

Written for al Mothers – mine, especially.


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Shana said...


mom said...

Thanks, child of mine. I love you (greatly) in spite of everything. It's in the "mother's manual".

Stan said...

Very nice John and thank you for remembering my birthday! In case I forget yours on June 24th, would you remind me on the 25th! Have a very good kitzpcmx day!

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