Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm not ignoring my blog!

I've been spending some time on the new site - adjusting, adding, etc - and getting a better understanding of templates. There are so many different animation progroms available, now, but the cost of "good ones" seems to be a bit more than personal hobby budget allows. I mean to say that I could get a new pc for about $700, but the programs I would like could easily double that. Free downloads of the trial nature are fun, but when the trial is over most of them have their own format that is not useable/adjustable with other programs. I've made quite a few icons, also, but can't seem to find the right host to accept this file type as far as sharing them goes. The file size is limited, too. I should be able to make use of my animated cursors, too. When the right host is found I will post my icons for browsing on the art page. I can, however, email the icons as attatchments. This should be available, soon, as well.

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