Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It was 4 years almost to the day

I realized, as I tore the old ski lift tag from my
snow pant zipper, that it was March of 2007 when
I was boarding Aleyeska with Rod and Devyn last.

It seems a shame there was so
long between trips when last Saturday was
a great exhausting ball of fun that my body
has taken very well to this point.

Courses were set up for different events
with the best view of them from above.

If there is snow on top the end of April, I plan
another trip with a "haole" from the non-mainland.
That would cure his jealousy of snow play while
he lives in a tropical oasis in the mid Pacific.

~ ~

eh, Joe?

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Stan said...

Did you get "brain frost" or "altitude sickness" up on that mountain. Although you did get some fantastic shots of the area, I especially like the one showing Turnagain Arm below you. But,the reason I am concerned something has effected you is that you are not known to be one that makes a grammatical error in word meaning or spelling. You cannot have a "tropical oasis in the mid pacific". A "oasis" is defined as "a fertile spot or tract in a desert" Ref: Webster's New Dictionary and Thesaurus. Good to see activity increasing on blog sites!

jd plumma said...

Have you BEEN to the Big Island and seen the desert?

Stan said...

Yes I have and even went swimming in it, must of over irrigated the oasis as that sand was pretty wet.

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