Dawn in the city

I just like to think of it as saying "Hi" to some
of the 8" trout I caught last year - now, in a
12" form and feistier than before.

I fed them eggs so they can
grow up bigger and stronger.
I made them bite spinners and wobblers, too.
Beads seemed on the menu until yarn was
used. The bite died instantly, but it is still
hard to blame the yarn over timing.
Not goodbye, but "So long."

I happen to still be on the look for that
18" 'bow of the lake, from 12 months back,
and wonder how big it is now...
Without dragging on, fishing was nice.

The rod research continues over the
steel piece that I now have an estimated
date of manufacturing around 1907. Turns out
that steel
rods even
100 years old have very low value ($5 - $35 typical)
to collectors. Not much information on dates
and models of these fine steel rods of early 1900's
decades but more interest in them is sprouting.

I emailed info and pictures to an "expert"
for any info he could provide. Just the
entertainment of searching has been worth my $5.

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Stan said...

Looks like a nice day on the water, your little rainbows are nice looking specimens, a very nice rainbow coloration to them. Somewhere in that "secret" lake, there has to be some big fish, they do not get fished that heavily do they? Don't know which was prettier, the fish or the sunrise you witness, that alone almost makes it worth getting up. Glad you have been working on the history of your rod, it is an interesting hobby and as you mentioned you can amass a good collection for very little expense. However, keep your eyes open for the big names of tackle, once in a great while you will pick up a real sleeper. It always surprised me, you could find a rod or reel that is 100 years old and they determine the market value at $10.00 to $20.00. Find an old vase in that age range and it is worth thousands. I have several very good books on old rod, reels, and other fishing tackle if you ever need a reference source. I have not checked prices in several years, I have to wonder what my Winchester Rod and Reels are valued at now. Maybe a new Ford F-250!

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