Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Berm holes?

A strange occurrence in the last
remaining berm by the house.

It was not the sleds
appearing that had been engulfed by
careless placement and the first big
snowfall the roof needed shoveled.
(they weren't the good sleds, anyway)

It was the bermworm holes through
the core of the snow mass that,
until now, was only a story
I have heard or read. The
evidence before me is
a shock to say the least.
Ice worms are omnivorous
and have been known to cause
problems at the ice castle in Canada.

The population of ice worms
in Anchorage has doubled over
the last 5 years and scientists are
teaming up with fish and game to
determine if aerial hunting and open
season should be allowed to prevent any
problems of specie eradication. The species
of concern would include; mice, shrews, small
birds, reptiles, and small house pets under 10 lbs.

Any sighting of a live worm should be reported to
fish and game IMMEDIATELY, but DO NOT approach
or come in contact with it. May be hazardous or fatal.

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Stan said...

You had best call a exterminator, you have a serious infestation of ice worms. Worse case I have ever seen. Did you know that ice worms kill more people each year than clams? Skiers and snow machine cowboys lead the list of fatalities. They stop to take a break and nature call behind the spruce tree alongside the trail, within 24 hours of baring their behinds they will start feeling the infection. In a warm environment, they multiply rapidly. In your particular case, once the snow disappears, fertilize it heavily to 40-10-10 lawn food and water heavily for seven days and seven nights. Good luck. Next year, you may want to consider spreading moth balls in all of your snow berms. Glad you found your sleds.

Stan said...

"Trenchknife" :)

Kyle said...

those are definitely caused by not worms but the elusive mythological snow snake

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