Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Is it all just words?

The GLM counts
1,003,779 words
in the English language
but that number is argued
on a regular basis, by many as
to the true definition of what a word is.
It would be difficult to use them all up at once.
Some folks have always seemed to find the words
to fill any number required for essays, paperwork,
and general diplomacy in daily situations. In fact,
some of the eloquent, descriptive terms used to
decorate a string of words and add a touch of
creative thoughts in those who look over
them and soar with their imagination
through a sea of images that only
their mind can conjure up.

Some folks say little or nothing.

I really like to play with their arrangement on a page
and make interesting
designs with the piles
of letters made up in
small groups and
placed one after
another until
they all have
a meaning
of sorts

of the
words in
long sentences
are, in the end,
just stretching
out a simple thought
and can probably be cut
from the line up without
affecting the meaning of the sentence or phrase at all.

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Stan said...

Is it time for you to start fishing in your "secret" lake, you really need to get a hobby! I an tell you are bored, how about Farmville? Hunter is on Facebook playing some kind of a military game and conquering the world, perhaps you should team up. Busy hands!

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