Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Invisible Man has been captured!

Imagine the nerve of this guy to think he could
stay undiscovered throughout the passage of time.

Technology caught up with him and he is now on
trial for 4,500 bank robberies, inside stock trading
tips, and 12,673 accounts of jaywalking. The
authorities keeping him under lock have
needed 24/7 surveillance and one
hand on the rascal each second
after the daring escape attempt
that found him cornered on
the 15 story building roof.
If only he was Superman...

...just kidding...
This is, actually, the work of an artist
of camouflage by the name of Lui Bolin.
He paints himself to match any surrounding and just blend in.

see more of his work at Oddity Central

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Stan said...

These are really great art, camouflage has always been one of my favorites since Bev Doolittle started making it popular. Her stuff is also fantastic. I might check to see if I can find her web site. It is always a challenge to pick out everything that is hidden in her pictures. If I only had the money at the time, I remember when she started and you could pick up her prints in the $50 - $75 range. If only...........

月亮 said...


Stan said...

I see these comments like the second one on occasion, what causes that and why? Or, is it a comment that is camouflaged?

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