Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Game addiction? I think not...

I have not joined face book over peer
pressure or any other reason , but a lot
of people I know are "facing out"(my term)
daily and I think, sometimes, I should join
just to see what I'm missing.......

...then again, maybe I won't waste my time
on silly web games like the farm or stumble
around randomly through the never-ending
structure of virtuality we call "the web".
I'll just go play a game of poker instead.

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Now poker is a game to play, see how many chips you can accumulate. I was thinking of Farmer, well almost. I think I will stick with a game that I can see my opponent. Love body language!

jd plumma said...

you got a farm, don't ya stan?

real eyez said...

It sucks you in....I am very guilty of it...

Stan said...

No farm for me, I cannot beleive the number of games there are to play and the number of players. Right now, I think I have 98 contacts wanting to send me something or join a game. Then you have the horoscopes, it is crowded on Facebook. I love the quietness of Blog Land!

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