After many public reports and much research,
scientists/biologists find that the mountain goats
and rams of Turnagain Arm are in such high
numbers that food supply is limited. As in the past,
critters are eating thawed areas of dirt for their
only means of survival. From the present
study of the light mineralogy of beach sediments,
it is inferred that the source of the sediments
is a mixed type: igneous and metamorphic
crystalline rocks, together with palaeosediments.

Indigenous species of the area have been
ingesting these light minerals from thawed
areas of bluff face to fend off starvation.
The minerals, when combined, make a gas
that is not unlike helium - causing a high
pitched tone and pale color in many of
the mountain creatures and, in rare cases,
kids have been seen floating off the hill
to disappear into the afternoon sky.
If you should be in the area for photo
opportunities, any event as this should
be reported to local authorities immediately
before this phenomenon spreads to the
natural inhabitants of our fine waters.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Is that a hidden message that I should be sitting on Turnagain Arm right now? I can believe that data, my last trip up I saw a moose on a high ridge design for goats or sheep only. the only way she could have got on that ridge was by floating up there. Maybe I should bring a couple of blocks or rock salt ~ I bet they would like that.

Stan said...

That "ray" or "skate" is jumping for only one reason. Look at the water, that is monofilament line streaking through the water, follow it up to the "ray" and you will see the line out of the water, it is "snagged" in the butt!

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