Monday, January 25, 2010

What do movie ratings mean, anyway?

I can understand most ratings on DVD's/movies
until the point that American movie companies
(along with federal mandates) decided they needed
to be more diversified as to specific content.
Here is a site that will tell you what rating (almost)
any movie has been assigned since 1968. Great link
there for an explanation (rules in PDF) for specific
reasoning for application of ratings given by MPAA
and NATO. Although most "goes to figure" (i say
that because I didn't read the rules - I just figure...
I'll leave it for you to learn), some of the specifics
listed below the ratings seem an apology of sorts
as to why it is rated in the first place.
Examples below:

Whaddaya mean "thematic"?! Does the song at
the beginning suck so much it needs apology?

OMG this country is lost......
Oh! I get it now!
PG means parental guidance, PG-13 means
that under 13 need parental guidance, R
means that under 17 need parental guidance,
and NC-17 means if you're under 17 you
should not be let in at all (it does not mean
"no charge", as I come to find out).

What, exactly, is "incedental", and
how the heck do you get it lit!? (still pondering)
And, NO!, I won't let the children smoke it!!

Whatever the movie in this year of 2010, you should,
now, have the resource(s) to learn why it
has the rating and, specifically, the reason
(smoking, spitting, nuding, chewing, spewing,
cursing, bleeding, reading, speeding, etc...).

Incidentally, I smoked while writing this post.

written and produced by
mclay productions, inc.

Rated PG
[for mild thematic element,
offensive language and attitude,
and incidental smoking]

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Stan said...

Some say the internet is "waste of time", I maintain it is a great educational tool, especially when you have someone decode what you are reading. Was in the video business for many years, I never understood the "rating system" but then again, I have seen the rating system re-rated so many times. I long for the good old days, G, R, and X. I recall the time they changed the "X" rating. You had a choice, X, XX, and XXX! I know I do not want my children to watch any movie there has "Incidental Smoking", 2nd Hand smoke is dangerous to their health and reproductive cycles! Surely did work in the case of my children! After 13 grandchildren, the second hand smoke finally caught up with them! What would have happened if they had been watching "R" rated movies for sexual content all those years!

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