Friday, January 22, 2010

Movies in review

As far as the movie
I should have watched a few
years ago, I would say An Inconvenient
Truth was a well made film because digital
animation and art is a fun area for me, but it
seemed more like a fear and guilt festival or a
a brag session about the "Egore", himself. We
realize, I think, what this man has done but are
we really aware of his words' capabilities? At the
least, 50% of this 1.5 hour flick had nothing to
do with the earth's temperature, but seemingly
had a lot to do with what a great man Al is,
how he is the "Ex-next President", and
how he has had this "answer" for
many decades, now.

Does his group really have our well-being in mind?

Next, I watched
Not Evil Just Wrong. This
was filmed not to tear down a clean
economy or good ideas in technology,
but to present facts as they should have
been presented without exaggerating the
outcome or portraying the demise of the
human race as we know it. A lot of informa-
tion that was brought to light in this film
has plenty of factual studies to back it up.
The very scientist with Al when he ac-
cepted The Nobel Peace Prize was one
that made a huge deal of the onset
of the "New Ice Age" in the early
1970's. Now, our demise
shall be heat?

What I have determined from seeing both films
simultaneously is that most earth scientists agree
that CO2 is the most necessary component of ALL
life forms on earth and a lack of it would mean the
suffocation of trees and plants...and death of us.

Both films interested me enough (without beer)
to endure 3 hours of movie without falling asleep.
If you have seen An Inconvenient Truth and
haven't seen Not Evil Just Wrong, I highly
recommend it. If there is trouble finding it
comment or email me and I will get you a copy.
If you have not seen either, I suggest you do.

A lot of men have preached the end of time - probably
since the beginning of time - but panic promises threat.
Global hysteria may be the death of our race, yet.

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Stan said...

Good review ~ appeared that you appraised both video's with an open mind and gave credit where credit was due. I have always,even when he was a "sitting" Vice President (that is all he did)had a problem take Al Gore seriously. He has never impressed me as a scholar or a politician. It now appears on a daily basis that the glaciers are not retreating, the only thing retreating are those that used false computations and made up theories. You can take pride that you were one of the first of the commoners that questioned the theory.

jd plumma said...

It is easy to doubt almost any information from our "expert" teams of scientists. They ARE human, you know. glaciers and ice field ARE, in fact, melting away as we speak. The FACTS of studies of earth temperature(s)over the last 200 years have proven an increasing amount of CO2 in earth's atmosphere. Whether that has caused a warming trend, or the trend has caused CO2 build-up, is not certain but there has been extreme hot/cold flashes on our earth RECORDED within the last 70 years (1940's cooling period) and the new data suggests that the atmosphere is within a range of "normality" for what we know from those records. A lot of this data was left out of the "hockey stick" graph made for An Inconvenient Truth and the writers have been consistently accused of "cherry-picking" data to suit their need.

Stan said...

You are a man of patience, how long did it take for you to align your posting in circles? How much energy was used in that endeavor and how big was the carbon footprint that was created by your use of the extra electric power generated by fossil fuels and depleting our CO2? Don't you think the shrinking of the glaciers is just a continuation of the receding "Ice Age"?

jd plumma said...

jd plumma said...

don't the circles and line between look "divided"?

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