Monday, November 30, 2009

And so... the drive (sporting xp for the last 7 years)
started freezing up like it was trying to get demoted
to a door stop. The wife and I have spoken of replacing
that system for at least a year, but I did not want to
venture into 2 : an extensive mental view
(as over a stretch of time or a series of events)

Or, was that "hasta la vista" ? How did they
come to the number seven as a name for
their new OS? The web knows...
I have the old drive re-formatting beside
my desk and can get programs/drivers on
the new drive if needed - convenient, right!?
only the old tower seems to not be liking
information of any sort. The key factor in
my mind is that it is only 24 inches from keeping
the laundry door from pounding my aquarium.
Then, there is no need for it to be carried out to
the recently emptied computer "bone" pile on
the now-empty shelves..........wait!........
what's that?.......It's acting like it....
almost....remembers the last.....couple
of.....days......eureka!! It works!
AND - because this operating system has
been installed by at least 3 (yes, three)
different system discs, took about 16 tries
to get it working, and has succeeded in 7
out of 8 restarts so far, I feel as if this
quilted OS should be named :

WINDOWS 47.825
(or, 47 and 7/8) it just forgot how to
boot again (6 more times failed
- making it a 47.5 )
and the system disc went back in the
drive and I'll jus
t have to wait and see
how it turns out............

_ ~

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Stan said...

I still have all those spare parts in my basement that I promised you, or did you promise to pick them up? I have systems that came out with that new 5.5 floppy disk installed in one system, I have one with the "new" 3.5 floppy drive and the 5.5 really floppy drive. My favorite is the one that has the 8 Track Tape deck installed so you could listen to your favorite tunes while you worked on the computer. They are yours, Happy Birthday! I cannot believe I am just "giving away" some priceless artifacts, but as my great grand pappy taught me, "a man is only as good as his word" and I told you that you could have them.

Stan said...

By the way, you ask how they came up with the name for the new "os" Microsoft 7, ironically the Microsoft engineers heard about a guy in Alaska that had operated on XP for 7 years without converting to Vista.

jd plumma said...

yuk, yuk!
The system is running as I type - service pack 3 and everything! No updates needed!
Now, I just need to uninstall a few things.....

Stan said...

Been raining here since early this morning, then about 4:00 pm it turned to snow. Currently, we have about 7 inches on the ground and still falling. Looks like the majority of it will miss you ~ moving to the northwest. Looks like a definite plow day tomorrow, don't know who is going to do the decks and sidewalks! have lost power five times in the past hour so I am out of here.

Stan said...

Don't know if you have been following the news the past day or so. On 11/11/2009 you made a posting with pictures of the rapid growth of Dubai. Nineteen days following your post, it is announced that Dubai is now having a "financial crisis". It seems that the majority of the individuals and companies moving into the area were foreigners. Due to the "financial crisis" world wide,they are now unable to meet their financial responsibilities. Who would have ever guessed ~ perhaps the Dubai Government (they do have a government don't they)will come up with some type of "Stimulus Package" and "Cash For Clunker" Program. I do hope that your posting did not create this financial disaster, it was a well kept secret until you spread the word.

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