A new innovation developed can put
your eye on the critter when you're not
around. Some may consider it being too
"control hungry", but it might put some
worry aside for nervous pet owners.

The WowWee Rovio :

Click it's title for a cool video demonstration.
I actually see a lot of potential for this idea
beside following your dog around the house.
My dogs don't really have much of an exciting
pattern to their day and I feel a lot of good
technology would be going to waste - not to
mention digital memory to store these boring
movies. The dog's day might go like this;

- Woke up, stretched, went out to pee (10 minutes). - Came in, took 2 hour nap. - Licked himself for 5 minutes. - Get a drink (2 minutes). - Take a 3 hour nap. - Sniff around the floor "surfing" for crumbs (10 minutes). - Take 2 hour nap. (etc....)

I, personally, have other plans for this amazing
piece of machine technology. I will program it
to follow my kids!! Only $730 could get me three
of them to follow each child through school to be
certain they are there - to start - and see
that they are doing the right thing. At the
least, it should make a better Youtube video
than my dog. There is much better technology
for pets, anyway. Like the climate controlled
pet carrier
, the BOLT, or the K-9 calming vest.
It is good to see that our earth's vast supply
of "never-ending" resources is being put to
good, effective use - right?!
We may need to open new mines
to find more neodymium (over 2 lbs) and
lanthanum (20-30 lbs) for each hybrid vehicle
produced to "save our world". Running out of these
minerals leads the way to better technology they
(the auto industry) can sell us in 5 years, or so,
to eliminate our destruction of the earth so we
can save our planet. Do you think all of those rare
minerals will be removed from the future "clunkers"
before they are destroyed (like today's) as
recyclable metal? Maybe we should just stick to
following our dogs with robots. It seems to cost
our country, tax payers, auto industry, and
well-being of the earth less than going through
cars every 5 years.

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Stan said...

Now I could use one of the robots for my dog "Dutch", with a loud beeper on it every time he strays from where he suppose to be. A couple of years ago, I had a chip put in him ~ worked great although we never had to use it. Perhaps, they should also install a chip in the collar that has his "chip notification tag" and rabies tag is attached to, he seemed to have slipped it off in one of his travels, at least I could not find the collar and he was not admitting to anything. But, $28.00 cured the problem to order a new tag! The robot could have found it! Maybe a found a lady friend and she is wearing his collar to show that they are going steady!

real eyez said...

I think it would be cool to send after the cats. I would like to know how mine got stuck IN the window at 3:30 in the morning!

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