Sunday, August 16, 2009

miniature trolling, anyone?

(photo emphasized to detail the rig)

I have tested the potential of trolling for lake
trout with my RC boat, but have recently developed
a down-rigger to troll at specific depths from six inches
to eight feet in depth. Could be 20 foot if surf-trolling the
peninsula shoreline becomes a potential option (?dreams).

The depth can be manually set using a sturdy
cleat I installed to tie off the line. A slinky weight
is hanging it for it's trial run, but more, or, different
weight could be added easily - or less.

A quick release clip that will slip (hopefully) when a fish is on
(donated by a brother-in-law) will hold the lure/bait
that is hooked to a rod on shore or in the canoe.

For the maiden test, Bart and Blinky will be the rod
and reel combo of choice for the retrieve. I have, yet, to
determine what to swing behind, but have a couple of
different leaders with spoons/beads, spinners, bait, etc.
and will have to be ready for error in trial. The
toughest part is finding someone with the patience
to take movie clips, drive the boat, or reel with
Bart and Blinky for the heroic finish.
Where is Donald when I need him?

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Stan said...

This coming weekend should be a good time to practice a little on the Anchor River, very high tides and should see a lot of fish coming in. Have the ideal spot for you but you need to time you boating just as the tide pushes into this spot, the fish have to hold for a few minutes to wait for the tide to carry them over the riffles. Show you sport, the day after the tournament.

jd plumma said...

hmmm. fishing at the shoreline is a tempting thing as long as the water is fairly calm...

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