Sunday, May 03, 2009

Don't let them take our cows!

This web site is dedicated to saving
bovine everywhere. It seems to be a growing
concern among cattle farmers across the globe.

That should enforce the necessity of keeping
an eye on our livestock this year.

More than one sighting has been recorded at the
Hole In The Wall Recreational Area! This summer,
I plan to get video footage of the creature and maybe
capture it using these "how-to" directions and
prevent more bovine from disappearing.
This is not something that should be taken lightly!

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Stan said...

Until I watched your video on "cow abduction", I had not given it much thought. Cows and even bulls have always been a primary target of terrorists. Back in the old days of the west, vast herds of cattle disappeared, rustlers were blamed but what if those cows had been abducted? A lot of innocent "rustlers were hung! I have also noticed a big decline in the number of moose that we have seen in the river valley the past two years. In years past, we would have 20 - 30 moose in the valley, the past two years I have seen three. Do you think that possibly with the scare of the "Mad Cow" disease that the terrorist are choosing other types of the bovine family. Now the "swine" are in danger, everyone thinks they are spreading the flu, perhaps the terrorists started this story as an internet story so they can also abduct more of this specie. I think we need to tighten our borders around our livestock herds, call in the National Guard and create a new Presidential Cabinet position to fully study this epidemic.

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