Saturday, January 24, 2009

A second tasting proved

13 days bottled
and the
head is
just right.

Not flat,

but not

The oatmeal is starting to

develop a stronger influence

in taste and it leaves a smooth

finish in a light after taste. Good

brew overall. The alcohol content

is unknown to me but, guessing

over the effects after a couple,

I would say from 6 to 7 % alcohol.

Tough to say how fast it will be drank.

If that ain't something special,

because of an insinuated challenge,

how about another ugly fish?

And, another?

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Stan said...

If you can determine the effect that your "oatmeal beer" has on lowering the cholesterol level of the consumer, you may have a good concept to take to Quaker Oats and have it commercially packaged. You fish are ugly and such big teeth, the first one looks a lot like the brain of a guy that has drank to much beer. The second picture, I think I would relax my theory on "catch and release", no way am I going to get my fingers close to it's mouth. Good find.

Stan said...

Different subject: Past evening Terry and I attended the annual fund raiser for our community library, Cabin Fever Variety Show. Artz Kilcher and Artz Jr. was the headliner of the show. An outstanding performance by both as individuals and performing together. Recommend strongly that while visiting Homer, Artz Jr. plays at one of the local taverns on a regular basis, puts on a great show and has some talent. I also bought the most beautiful Cherry Cheesecake in the silent auction. Stole it for $50.00 and it even came on a very nice sculptured glass platter. Walking out to the truck, slipped on the ice, fell on my butt but had the mind set to save the pie, it almost worked until it flipped upside down as I hit the ground, first word from Terry's mouth was "did you break the platter",no great concern about my butt! The platter was spared and I managed to scrape most of the pie back onto the platter. Shared it with friends, it was just as good as "spoon pie" as it would have been if it had remained a "fork pie" desert.

jd plumma said...

Sorry to hear about breaking yer arse! Good that you saved the platter, though!

FishTaxi said...

Have made many of spoon pie.

I know the recipe by heart.

FishTaxi said...
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