Thursday, January 22, 2009

My new brew is drinkable

For those of you that have had a beer
whose color resembled the midnight
sky in January and alcohol that rivaled
a fine, aged wine (and liked it);
Dark beer could be good for you.

The oatmeal stout kit
I received at Christmas has been in the
bottle for 10 days and had it's first tasting
last night. I only waited to brag of it's
quality and flavor after sleeping on it
to discover long(er) term effect(s).
The gut is well with me and I didn't
die of poisoning overnight.
This batch of brew was not designed for
faint tasters or lovers of light, watery ales.
The taste is more aimed at experienced beer
connoisseurs with a liking to flavor and body.
"Oatmeal" is not the strength of flavor,
though. Lighter color than expected
and it has a "hoppier" character
a little more on the arrogant side -
much like an arrogant bastard.

Humorist, H. Allen Smith,
said after drinking a light American beer ~
"Put it back in the horse!"

Overall, it is a good beer and will most
likely get better with a little time on a
cool, dark shelf. The last poured will
be the last drank. More sediment is
involved closer to the bottom of my
6 gallon fermenting keg and will prove
a little stouter (arrogant).

As for the quiz about gasoline :
Around 20 degrees, the vapors (minimal)
that gas evaporates are of a density that
will rarely ignite from spark or flame.

At -97 degrees, gasoline will still light.
Below that, it is just a cold liquid.

And - in response to a previous comment
(there was only one) - gasoline will freeze
to a solid form just under -300 degrees.
Hard to do in an ice tray at home, right?

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Stan said...

Hey, I did not know what the freezing temperature of gas was, so I asked a simple question. I did not know that the stoutness of beer is referred to as "arrogance", is that because I have noted in my worldly travels that some people after consuming large amounts of beer become very arrogant? A oatmeal based beer should also be very good for lowering cholesterol, the medical community stresses that a bowl of oatmeal a day is very good for you so I assume, a half gallon of oatmeal beer is even better. Being a connoisseur of fine "rum", I do agree with H. Allen Smith in regards to moist beer, "put it back in the horse" however, I am know to drink a beer on occasion, especially when my son in laws buy it!

Friar Tuck said...

A quote from one of our founding fathers:

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”--Benjamin Franklin

j, d plumma said...

My apologies if offense was taken from the comment about "iced gas cubes" idea. Most people are not aware of specific temperatures involving gasoline ignition.
Any beer with a stout, "hoppy" flavor I would refer to as "arrogant". As a few friends of mine over the years have been arrogant (to say the least), some just simply cannot tolerate that attitude/flavor. The alcohol content does not guide this term.
The reason dark beer(s) may be considered "good for you" has to do with antioxidants far greater than red wine contains. Trivial - I know.
Good quote from Ben F., also. I mulled over many quotes before choosing the one I posted.

j, d plumma said...

"Beauty is in the eye of beer holder"
- Kinky Friedman

Stan said...

Good friend Patti P. has taken up making wine, have shared several glasses of wine with them, she is learning fast and making a good product. Did she call you? Sink? ring a bell?

j, d plumma said...

No call, no sink, but I know where my bell is.

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