Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, I took advantage...

...of a "buy one, get three free" sale on soda
pop at the local grocery store last week. The
boxes of soda were piled high in the aisle.
What a deal!! I went home with 4 - 12-packs
for the cost of one! The first time in a while
that all of the pop wasn't drank in a week.
One might think that car dealers would have
the same sort of deals......
Wanna fly to Florida with me? Bring a friend
(with a valid drivers license) and I'll make
you a S-W-E-E-T deal on a new car.
You would only pay 1/3 price plus one
plane ticket for me =p ...

Not this model, of course, but it sounds
too good to be true - right? It's not.
Car manufacturers have experienced
30% less sales than last year and need
to rid of '08 stock before '09 vehicles
hit all the lots. The new models out
drives the "old" models' value down
dramatically and the dealers take
the blunt of it. A few are taking the
cut while marketable value is still
up and, maybe, break even.

With every thing fueling with electric, it
would be a good time to buy a
hybrid and go with a "green movement".
I think the last time I did that,
I was stove up for a week first.

Maybe I'll just make my own electric car...

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Stan said...

What a great investment opportunity, the kids could all go in together, buy up the cheap soft drinks and hold them until spring. Then they could open up a "pop table" in the state parks this summer and double, perhaps triple their investment! Beats having to make kool aid or lemonade. I have a new Ford F150 on my Christmas list, I have been real good this year.

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