Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heavy frost was eminent

We had two light frosts already
and the sky was clear all day and
evening. I could not quit thinking
about the little Parkland apples
all day knowing that they were finished.

were over__2__ inches
across - largest harvest yet!
I haven't counted the fruits for
a total number, but we ate quite a
few, as well - leaving the count to be
inaccurate anyway. Now we need to
can or jar them in the next 2 days to
preserve their fresh goodness for a
hot, fresh apple pie for Christmas
dinner in December. Not as heavy
of frost as I had anticipated,
but still hints`` of winter.

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Stan said...

Some great looking apples, to bad our season is not just a few weeks longer so they would get larger and color up. Should make some good pie and syrup! Got it from a good source, the "pickled salmon" that was given to us, the liquid turned a light "milky color". We showed it to our source and they said that is natural, between the two of them and Terry, they devoured the entire jar within seconds, That was four days ago and everyone is healthy! Their compliments to you, they said it was the best that they have had in a long time, being that one of them is a Finlander, I would accept that as a big comliment!

j, d plumma said...

So who is this source from Finland?
Would be a compliment, indeed.
That makes me want to do it again...if i can get over that "poisoned" draw back.

You happened to receive the first batch. The poison, however, was in the second!! If you had received TWO jars, the first would boost your craving for it and the second would do you in.
THAT would be the care package for a relative i DIDN'T like. didn't get two jars did you?...

Stan said...

We just got the one jar from the first batch, but based on your reviews, don't give up on it! Fromthe second batch a few got a little ill, perhaps a 24 flu bug, thre was no definite evidence that it was the salmon as others ate from the same batch with no ill affects. If I ate pickled salmon, I would have eaten mine sooner, but it was enjoyed. The Finlander that I made reference to just returned from outside after working with their daughter on her wedding. By the way, some great photo shots of the apples, nice highlighting the subject.

Stan said...

According to your "little" weather station on your site, at 0915 this morning it was 30 degrees in LA. Yesterday, at 10 am, I went ahead and started a fire in the fire pit, about 3/4 inch of ice on the few puddles that remain. This morning a larger fire may be neeeded ~ days are beautiful though once the sun hits the bowl area.

Stan said...

Where is the Plumma?

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