Sunday, June 29, 2008

I remember someone asking ...

How we were going to anchor the greenhouse
down. After careful consideration - knowing
the wood weighs around 1,000 lbs without
glass - we determine that it would take
more than a heavy wind storm to topple
this beast. God forbid it should get rolling
across the lawn in 100 mph gusts! It
might take out a house (or, two) and I
don't think it would come apart easily.
Using all tempered glass, it should be able
to withstand a rock from the mower
once in a while, also. The placement
couldn't have been better with about 3/4
of it being in direct light with the sun
from the opposite side of the house.

The weather was indeterminate, but cooperative
with the project at hand - no sprinkles!
The wood was coated completely, yesterday.
We had planned on sealing around each
window placement, setting glass, then
finish sealing the wood later, but...

We had some company that wasn't afraid to
grab an extra brush and help stain the bare
wood. Tremendous help Eric, Anna and
Donald were. They saved the two of us hours
of staining, I'm sure - not to mention the
few pieces of wood, nailing that needed done,
and doors to hang before the stain came out.
Thanks, guys!!
I would gladly make you dinner, again, tonite.

(and, if Eric would get off the gout, he could
drink my beer, as well!)

The view through the new structure
seems more than blue sky and reflections.
I would boast of a clean, efficient job but
the glass should be set by this evening
and it will be ready for a final coat of
stain to seal the wood for, hopefully,
many years to come. The big windows
weigh around 150 lbs each, and belong
on the roof. If all the pieces fall into
place without a drop, then will
I brag of a nice job and call Better Home
and Garden. If no new pics end

up on the blog by nightfall, we might
still be picking up pieces from the lawn...

3 opinionated prattle:

Anonymous said...

hopefully is not pieces of us and just glass.

Stan said...

Nice job, looking forward to seeing it complete with the growing beds installed and tomatoes on the vines.

Tormen Tagain said...

sheese, what the hell is up with my head. Here I was looking at all the earlier posts on this greenhouse and failed to even look at the one with the more completed pics. Anyway, once again. Great design great project.
scatterbrain yip.

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