Monday, January 07, 2008

There has been talk in the past -

I have been acquiring as much tarp as I find
available to proceed with the construction of
the Hole In The Wall Eco System Dome.
The design will be able to seal off on the
existing pit walls and provide a complete
controlled environment. Imagine - 80 degrees
and January! Or how about that
snow ball fight desire in July? Just name that
temp! With a "Tesla" cd case turbine and a
few items from the "Utility Kit", we could be
adjusting our own weather by May (if, of course,
construction sticks to the rigid schedule known
to only clan members of HITW). You'll be
receiving plans shortly, Stan. Get the extension
cord to the pit and start a fire - there's work
to be done! Artist's rendition shown below.

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Stan said...

Hey, I like this template - looks really good to me. Of course, anything looks good tonight. Been fighting my system for the past two hours - finally ruled out the wireless when I turned on the lap top - had to have been the server, oh well whatever it was or whatever I done. I am back on line again! Loved your design and your concept, again, I agree with you and that really scares me! Definitly hit the ole nail on the head when you said a lot of work to be done at trhe HITW. Coincidetnally, I spent the afternoon working at the HITW today. Got to looking around, the "Do List" is growing and now you add to it - but with the dome, we would have a workable climate to be in 365 24/7. Maybe even grow an apple tree!

j, d plumma said...

yes. an apple....
I figure we can get butch and sundance to run a generator wheel if we plant a nut tree and a cheetos bush for them to enjoy year-round.

Stan said...

I really like the looks of the dome, the gazebo fits right in and what a great place for the fire pit. The hardwood floors would reduce the amount of sand in the cooking area and the green belt, there is enough room to plant a number of apple and cherry trees. Your design does have merit, all we need is the material and a long three day weekend to errect the assorted pieces. I have a on demand fuel oil hot water heater that you could also install, it is just sitting in my shed. It always lets you know when someone is taking a shower - ask Heidi!

Heidi said...

That was a hell of a shower!

j, d plumma said...

I was there one night it blew it's stack off. the flame-thrower was cool 'til then.

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