Friday, January 04, 2008

My first single-frame animation effort

I have been interested in animations for
as long as I can remember, but never
made frame-by-frame animated clips.
Have done very limited digital
animations, but this was done with
the s3 on macro and involves 87 frames.

...many things to adjust...
fun, though.

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Stan said...
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Stan said...

Now who would write something then delete it? Your new project is cute, but the surfer and weather report kept me from seeing the little guy when he went towards the spool, here you are experimenting with this type of technology and I am still trying to figure out how to use my new Polaroid Camera. I think I have learned how to load the film but evidently it was wrong. Went moose hunting again this morning, today I found eight moose. The first one was a small, palmed bull but I did not get one decent shot of him because of the low light and lens fogging from the cold. The other seven were all cows and calves, but I had a couple of decent shots.

Stan said...

Realignment either on my site or yours, got to see the entire thing. I had missed the candle before, looks good.

Shana said...

Great Job John...the surfer did distract me...but the little wire dude...he was so cool...loking forward to seeing more in the future...donny says 250 per second and it will be nice and

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