Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chance of snow?

I can't help but wonder what all this new, fresh powder
will be doing on the mountains during daylight hours -
me working nights, and all. Safe to say that a few people
will probably take some time off to enjoy an almost vacant
terrain while the rest of our business/school "machine"
still plunks along smoothly without them. I have a hard
time believing that the LA wheel will still spin without
my working presence, but will have to test against that
thought one of these days. The night work planned will
commence this evening. I might be losing sleep over
having days free to stare at white hills with no tracks
to speak of. Someone should carve lines on the bare
canvas if you ask me. Today, I have chores to do
before work. If you know my energy level(s), I
might have nothing to do, come tomorrow,
but ride a board.

sleep will come when the snow melts....

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Stan said...

If "sleep will come when the snow melts" is true, I had better lay in a hundred pound sack of coffee beans, I am going to be up until mid May! Access to the HITW is now closed off, I made an attempt but back off after two feeble attempts, I could see a good "stuck" potential. Talked to the woodman tonight, since his trailer is also locked in at the HITW he said he would bring in his bob cat and get it out, then I may have a lane to start a long push. However, moving his equipment in to retrieve his trailer is not a done deal, he was going to move it out two days before the big dump!

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