Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The lights are up and beautiful

All of us want a safe holiday , but
it's hard to want to take time
out and read the labels that
are required to be posted on
products sold in the U.S.
Some seem to be a silly

waste of ink and effort
while others make you

wonder how many times your kids have chewed on
it- and just how long they have 'til brains run out
their nose.

There are so many "additives" and
substances that have been removed from
a lot of our living spaces, work place, and lives
in general in a validated attempt at healthier liv-

ing. Laws and ordinances have been put in place
to ensure these known-harmful things are not at

our immediate grasp where bad things are proven
to happen due to the effects on our physical
beings. Of course, almost everything has

been proven to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive
harm (in California).

Have you read the warnings on Christmas light boxes?
Pointed out by the Queen Bee. I can't believe I touched
these things without gloves and may have had them
in my mouth while "re-adjusting".

How many times have you seen kids chew on headphone
wires? Are they the same, cheap, crap? I will read the next set.
Regardless, the lights are hung for the season and look good
- just don't put them in your mouth.
Maybe we should stand up and speak of the wrong
that is being done here, or, if we don't have the guts
maybe have someone speak for us who seems to not
mind making an ass of themselves. One guy in the
news, recently, comes to mind for spokespersonability;
Imagine the gumption it takes to steal a donut truck.
The word "jackass" is, probably, not new to him.

Some warning labels are redundant - at best.

Remember to read the labels on your decorations
and food products and - please - take them seriously?

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Princess Sarah said...

Wow I dont think I knew there were those kinds of safety percoutions on light boxes, I will have to check out the bubble lights I just got. I hope you will still be around this Christmas season, why did you put it in your mouth? LMAO Anyways good words of wisdom, now I will remember to be more careful

Stan said...

The same label (California)that is on the Christmas tree light box appears on all fishing tackle! When I say all, it includes rods and reels! On one of my Radio Programs a couple ofyears ago I devoted the entire time to this label, concluded it by telling the radio audience that I practiced "safe fishing" by ensuring that I always had "latex" gloves with me and when fishing I wore those gloves. It was aired, unedited and for the most part the majority of the audience enjoyed the humor, at least no sponsors cancelled their ads. One can never be to safe this day and age. Most of these lights are made in China, I wonder if their "checks and balance" program on these lights are as reliable as their testing for lead in toys?

Stan said...

Santa is coming your way, it is up to the Wolf Pack to negoiate with the Buffalo Herd or vice versa to determine a fair and equitable visitation between the "den" and the "wallow" each holiday season, perhaps a rotating basis is a good compromise, I am out of it!

j, d plumma said...

These lights pictured were manufactured in the Philippines for Santa's Best Craft, LTD - in Northfield, IL.
What do you mean, "...out of it"? Not doing Christmas at all, or not traveling?
and - they were in my mouth because I needed both hands.....i needed to grasp....was nailing...never mind.

Stan said...

No, not what I meant, I am out of any negotiated agreement between the first party and the second party as per the agreement that they reach pertaining to the custody of Santa and the rotation scehdule of the subject. It is up to the parties involved to come to a conclusion of equitable compromise for the safe and orderly protection of the said subject. The Christmas spirit is alive and well!

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