Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sometimes I have to wonder

Are things always meant to be this groovy? Sure, we have some
scattered events and hyper happenings. Pretty much an ongoing
thing around our place. Who told the kids they could be so popular
and entertaining? Who told them they could have so many friends?
I guess they're doomed to bear the burden of being likable and
will continue to make friends - no matter what we say or do.
It seems we open our door/house to any, and all, friends of theirs
and have learned that they really have some good friends.
The way we have seen all of these kids get together, this week,
to make painted t-shirts, hang out, and be goofy for hours on end
seems to be one of the best comforts for losing a friend.
I don't care to detail the lost one, but have met him, myself, and know
he was a good person that was well-liked by many. To see
this kind of close friendship in our kids' group touches my
heart and soul - knowing that they cherish the time they've spent
together this week. They might not even realize it. Traumas such as
this seem to "allow"friends to be closer - maybe the subconscious
working in our favor.
We do have a limited time together - whether it be a day, or
50 years - and should always cherish the minutes spent with those
we know and hold dear. Allowing for our many differences just
makes the world a groovy place more interesting to dwell in.

To all my/our friends;
Thank you for getting in my groove (or, was it yours?) if only
for a short time. It does a lot for the heart and soul and has
helped make me who I am. If we/I haven't seen you for
some time (years, maybe) just know that I still care -
and stay groovy.

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real eyez said...

Thanks John. An interesting point: are you put into peoples paths or they yours? Either way a benefit to all!
Your girls must have gotten their ability to make friends from their parents!

Stan said...

Very well said John, any other comments from me would be pale in comparison. You hit thee nail right on the old noggin! I think I may remove that contract in the next day of so.

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