Since the mention of making the Duck House the new family school, we may never get our kids in there again!

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Stan said...

Let's explore your options in the event of a "strike":
1. Kids will be home all day!
2. Kids will need to make up extra days during summer!
3. Could mean cancellation of all camping and fishing trips for summer
4. Nothing else for you to do but paint the house, clean the garage, mow the lawn.
5. You will have three young ladies at home in the evneing, wishing they were on summer vacation.
6. You will need to buy additional school clothes (summer wear) for them.
7. All the teachers and students will be grouchy if they have to go to school in the summer!
8. They will have to have a 4th of July party at school - school might get burned down due to the fireworks.
9. Girls will not be able to commune with nature and gain additional experience in the wilderness setting of the HITWRA.
10. Heidi will not get to play this summer - she will also be in school.
No play, no fish, no camping, home reapirs, looks like a clear cut case for transferring students to alternative school.

Stan said...

Little sis had a good idea if they go on strike. She got a new "Beemer" for Christmas. She wants to post a big sign on the car and park it at the strike site. The banner will read "Pepsi Cola Bought This Car For Me - Not My Teacher Salary"

RangerBill said...

nice photo of the duck house

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