Thursday, March 01, 2007

How much coffe do we need come MDW ?

We've been hearing/reading about relatives from the "lower 48" showing interest in the HITWRA to do with Memorial Day Weekend. We should have ample camping space to tent the extra family members/scouts. Of course, they would need to supply beer and/or coffee to fill the new demand for breakfast beverages. I know we can all get our cup of "jo" with the new, 500 cup, coffee pot (on order). There is quite a few members of the family we have not met that might just show up. That will be GREAT! My only concern is :

Will these people be mentally scarred for life due to the traumas that befall us during our annual rituals? If Arnie is not on his best behavior, we may never see them again.
Regardless, there should be plenty of coffee for breakfast.

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Heidi said...

What a great coffee pot...I think it will work...and we won't have to hear Hyper Prattle, bitch about not having coffee. Great photo by the way!!

Stan said...

That is a great photo, this next season we will just have to make sure that Ranger Roger and all of his ranger buddies don't show up for a group photo. I think the new security gate system and doberman pinchers will assist in this matter. The coffee pot looks like it may accomdate us, if the person taking the last rtruck makes sure that they brew a new pot. Nothing like a good cup of coffee, sitting aroound the fire pit - I have found the late evening on July 4th is always the best - it is quiet in camp and a person can enjoy the night sounds and comtemplate their inner most thoughts over a cup of coffee. In fact, if i did not have to dig out the fire pit, I would go down today and start a fire and brew up a pot - but soon!

Stan said...

Speaking of extrsa guests, the Arizona group are excited and looking like they may make the trek. Niece Dee Dee, is so gullible, we are going to have a ball with her. I already have her convinced that we do not have electricity, plumbing and I have offered to loan them a gun so when they go to the outhouse at night they will have bear protection - I can see so many possibilities for practical jokes. Oh, by the way I offered your service to them as a guide when they go clam digging! I am sure Bull Buffy has a recipe for "camp fried razor clams".

JD Plumma said...

Can we take the new, rumored, guests on a scavenger/treasure hunt?

What are the clam tides like on Memorial day? I would LOVE some razors!

Stan said...

We will havce some type of treasure hunt - perhaps we will make them go ontheir own so they can learn some of our local landmarks - that should take them a full day to find the "leaning spruce" over the "rock hole". I will get the tides for the entire Memorial Week - I will post them as a side bar on the new blog site "Hole in the Wall", but I do not have a blog site by that name, I wonder if one could be developed?

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