Thursday, February 22, 2007

Counting days 'til spring is like watching a Mexican jumping bean race.

The air is crisp and clean
The sun is hitting hard
3 more months 'til things turn green
and I can see my yard.

if you can see the hidden image
here your boss will probably make you piss in a cup.

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Stan said...

Yea, I do not have to go in the cup - I saw nothing but I do know what is hidden! I will keep it a secret. Just got in from doing the Snopw Rondi Auction, did a little over $5,000 in the auction tonight, set a new record for a "pie", a banana cream at $210.00! So much for the poor economic conditons of Anchor Point.

JD Plumma said...

Must be a DAMN good pie!

Heidi said...

My bean won...he just jumped back into the playing field. I just found a recipe, I am gonna try a new coconut cream. YUM!

Stan said...

When you get two families feuding over the same pie, prices have a way of inflating rapidly - it is a traditonal thing betyween these two familes as to who gets the banana ceram pie! Other pies and cakes went from a llow to $25 to a high of $100.00 Tonight is theChampionship Round of the Texas Hold"em Tournament - don't bother calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday - I will be busy!

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