Andre Jacques Garnerin

Bonus question : What famous comedian said this?:

"Well first I'd like to say that I come from a very poor family, very poor. My family had nothing. You gotta have damn little to have nothing. My mother and father were really so poor they couldn't afford to have any children, the lady next door had us."

bonus question clue(s):

He had his own show - appearing weekly on Thursday nights at 8:00 on NBC from September 17, 1970 until June 27, 1974. One of his famous characters was
Reverend LeRoy (pastor of the "Church of What's Happenin' Now").

He died in November 25, 1998 in his Malibu home from liver cancer. He was 64.

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Stan said...

If I have my history right, I beleive that Andre is credited with the design and the first person to use a parachute. Again trying to remember from the time I read a short biography on him but he was a POW when the idea came to mind, but before he could try to escape that way he was released. He later designed a better "chute" and made his first jump, don't remember for sure but it was around 1800. Again, it has been awhile but I believe his wife is credited with being the first woman to jump by "chute" - do I smell a concept coming for a grand entrance into the HITWRA? As for the bonus question - Rodney Dangerfield did a lot of "I was so poor" jokes so that would have to be my guess

JD Plumma said...

.. it might be safer than a zip-line...

Stan said...

With Your Second Clue
Written On A Field Of Blue
The Answer I Did Knew
I Am So Delighted
I Got So Excited
I Did A Double Back Flip
I Can No Longer Bite My Lip
The Answer That You Seek
Is No other Than FLIP WILSON

Stan said...

True, a parachute may be safer for a grand entry - however, how do you plan to gain enough altitude to deploy the chute - I would guess that the distance from the rim of the hole is not quite high enough to deploy the chute before you become earthbound inthe middle of the Kroc Pond. Does a Capapult that you recently showed a scale model of have anything to do with this concept?

JD Plumma said...

...mmm...catapult...many umbrellas for material...must go collect...mmm...

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