Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is Christmas being suppressed?

Not only was there lack of "seasonal joy", there was policies and gm "word from above".
The purchase (will remain unmentioned) was made this afternoon for an undisclosed amount. The pick-up of merchandise (guarded gate in the back) was at 2 different locations.
1 st went smooth. By now - 4:30pm in traffic - the second should have been just as nice. WRONG!

"Whadaya mean, "we don't have it in stock."? I waited 15 minutes for that?"
her "you can go inside and choose new item and here's a "5 minute wait coupon ($5)"
me "but I waited 15 minutes. Shouldn't I get 3 of those?.. cricket.. ok."

15 minutes to get a floor manager plus one hour later - "We'll need your wife's SSN. And, we need to refund your account and charge you for the new item."
me "But you said you would give me the same price for another..?...$80 more ? ok...whadayamean, "I can't use my 5 minute coupon for this purchase"?!"


I need a beer

I mean - merry christmas.

What does it take to get a job at Sears? Is there a grinch clause I'm missing here? They already tried to eliminate the word "Christmas" from their decor this season. If I wrote a letter of complaint, would it seem too gruff for this time of year? I still have my $5 coupon (on select purchases) for having to endure 5 minutes - out of 90 - to get taken for 80.

then I had to go back to merchandise pick up...

I wonder if sis has any more of that extra cheer...

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Stan said...

Tis the Season to be jolly, ho-ho-ho! Don't let them get to you, just smile and show your Christmas spirit, they are just under a lot of stress and we need to be a little more understanding in regards to their emotional stablility. My secret is instead of getting upset at their incompetance, I prefer to give them a hug and make them feel good about themselves.

JD Plumma said...

A hug COULD very well fix almost everything.

real eyez said...

I am not sure, but from my retail experiance I think if some strange manhugged me, I think it would be the thing that made me nap...I dunno though that is just me.

real eyez said...

snap not nap

JD Plumma said...

snapping is mo' betta' than napping for Sears electronics dept. He, still, could've used a hug. I saw an old friend there, also. He and his wife wanted to buy a $2000 TV and a sound system, and they couldn't get a salesman for 20 minutes. They left

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