This might be a recipe to try sometime! I love bacon and eggs!

Due to global warming....

Although our weather has been a bit on the cloudy, rainy side, the temperature has been hitting record highs in LA. Just yesterday, I came up with a new method for cooking bacon in a hot corner of our backyard. We had too few burners and pans to complete a meal, one thought led to another, and the bacon turned out crisp and grease-free.

Then I stumbled upon an ingenious invention that would have saved me a stretch of good string, 2 hours of cooking time, and the dogs wouldn't have licked the house all night. Christmas is coming, and I've already started my list...

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Stan said...

I wonder if I can use your string method of cooking bacon and smoke some? Your blog site is getting awful piggy lately!

Shana said...

dude you need a life!

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