There happens to be land-locked salmon in that lake, also. Arctic char, etc. have also been stocked since the '90 s. Can you imagine the factors of dragging this hog up in a 14 ft. Coleman canoe (on paddle)? Try trolling with herring, and your dreams may come true.
After fishing the lake Sunday eve, I have concluded that there ARE fishable waters north of the peninsula. Harrd to stop this "frenzy" until the snow flies and the lakes are froze. Maybe, then, an ice be continued?
Do you think this tale is too tall? look at another tale of large AR silver full of rocks and prattle...

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I thinketh you inhaled to much alder smoke while smoking your humpies! However, that is a very fine picture of a Dolly Varden. It is amazing what one can dop with a camera to make a fish look larger. Good twscxs fishing to you in your stocked lakes of LA.

JD Plumma said...

How large has/can a landlocked salmon get? And - how long is the life expectancy?

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