Sunday, April 09, 2006

No. This is NOT a wolf eel.

But the last ugly cuss is - in Kachemak Bay, AK.
It would suck to be so soft and fleshy among these carnivores!

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Stan said...

After seeing the length of the fish, I agree it is not a "wolf eel" but I cannot remember the name of the fish - however, I think I have seen a bone out of the head of this fish, my old friend Bob James had one. It is rare and if it is the same fish, the bone in the head is in the perfect form of a cross and Jesus. They are found in Indian Ocean and for some reason my memory tells me that they are named some religious name because of the bone structure in the head.

Stan said...

After giving it further thought, the fish I was thinking about is called a "Monkfish", however this is not one of them. This fish is called a "Fangtooth Fish", for obvious reasons. Thanks for the hint!

JD Plumma said...

Took some research? Good research. The "Fangtooth" is rarely longer than a human hand in size, but one of the most viscious looking fish known.

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