Red, White, and ____? Black?
I just don't get the colors of winter olympians outfits. You have to pay close attention to events to really understand what country these people are playing/performing for - sometimes waiting 'til the end result(s) to know what team they're on.
Shouldn't we be proud to show our colors? Our flag is present, but there seems to be a "free-for-all" in outfit choices. Maybe there could be more emphasis of our colors on the equipment? I mean - are these OUR guys?! Shouldn't it be OBVIOUS? The color choice(s) leave my mind black and blue... God bless the US of A!

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Heidi said...

The opening ceremony was the worst...every other country wore something that resembled their country.

Klondike Kate said...

Yeah but we're a country of individuals! =-)

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