Friday, December 02, 2005

I remember Stretch...

Elastic lump in blue underpants
"Stretch Armstrong. Make him stretch. Watch him return to his original size. And that's it. On the one hand, it's hard to understand the appeal of this giant of the Cream era toy market but that's only if that hand belongs to a kid who never had one.". quoted from TV Cream's Top 100 Toys

I had a Stretch Armstrong toy that stretched liked the dickens! I have, personally, proven that his stretch would exceed the factory recommended limits on the package. It was fun to wrap it around things after stretching it out (i.e. ; shoe, post, neck, etc.).
He had so many leaks, my Mom told me to throw it away because - like everything we know not of - is "probably toxic for all we know!". The "gut juice" was being spoken of. I was worried enough not to get any( or, much) on me and had plenty of bandaids to patch him up. Reluctantly, I threw him away with a load of paper trash to the burning barrel, lit it, put the grate over the barrel, and watched it for a minute - nothing! As I turned around to go to the house, Stretch blew the grate off the barrel about 10 feet in the air. There used to be kids that ate his guts. I wonder how they are today? The Onion has an article of interest about the safety concerns about the toy...

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Valette said...

A similar experience with a green Stretch Monster.

K said...

Wow, I haven't thought about stretch in a coons age, haha. My brother had the stretch spiderman, that was one of the neatest toys we had. It must have gotten a hole in it not long after he got it though because it "mysteriously disappeared". Man that was forever ago, I think I was around 7. Too bad they're not made anymore.

Great post John. :)

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