In 1966 a rugby match between a team from
Colwyn Bay, Wales and Portmadoc rugby club was
unexpectedly abandoned when, at the kick off, it was
discovered that neither team owned a ball...

Now, climate mathematics unveiled!

pic found at searchwarp

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Stan said...

The Health Bill reminds me so much of the old routine that Bud Abbott and Lou Costello use to do, "Who Is On First". Now is this the Senate Bill, the House bill, the Reformed House Bill which is different than the previous two, or is this the Congressional / Presidential Summit Bill or is it a combination of all of them. It really does not matter, because it has to be approved by March 18th as the President is going on a trip and Congressional Spring Break is about to start! Representatives surely do not want to go to their "homes" and be confronted by Town Hall Meetings again! What a mess, if would be funny if it was not so dumb and expensive!

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