Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Humorists Are Artists Month!!

I know a lot of artists in that regard.
That should excuse some of the behavior around
the comment section of some blogs I keep up with.
The rest of the year, however, is riddled with holidays
that could keep us celebratory Americans jolly one
day at a time.
Tomorrow is
also listed as
Pig Day, Solo
Vacation Day,
and the start
of National
Week. Just the
of humor for
an entire month
leaves no room for seriousness
and useful facts for filling a lengthy post
and, for the week, can we be sure of the actual writer
of anything we read? This is a good thing as I see it.
Enough of solving global dilemmas and awareness
of world situations that affect us all. Maybe it is just
time to do things differently - be silly and ramble on
senselessly about nothing that concerns the human race.

Don't be a pawn to seriousness!

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Stan said...

Your posting was timely, it answered my question. National Pig Day. I have seen a good number of them in the last twenty four hours, I blamed it on the almost full moon but now I know they were celebrating their day. Long night at the Poker Tables last night.

jd plumma said...

WOW! That comment was just a bunch of links back-to-back the I don't understand Chinese (Japanese?) symbols 'cept a couple of them on my chef's knife. (they don't count, cause I don't see'em there)
Good thing I look at the lower window bar to see where a link will take me. Do you?

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