*tattoos, that is......

I actually "stumbled" onto these pics on
an artist by the name of Wim Delvoye's website.
"WIM City is pretty interesting, although I had
only begun to look thru' it when I saw the swine.
If tattoos on pigs makes you wonder why, maybe
you didn't go to the stuffed, tattooed pigs section
and see the art these swine are destined for.
VERY fancy (gross) doorstops, yes?
I might get two hogs just to
practice tattooing and
use them for decor
on the front porch
of the cabin.

...we still don't rent pigs....

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Stan said...

I have always maintained that we need a couple of pigs to "kick" at the HITW, you can decorate them if you want as long as it is not obsene or slanderous! Tattoo a pig and you can market them, all that dye would soak into the meat and you could end up with some kind of a funny looking pork chop. Could not even sell the skin for "Pork rinds", who was a pork rind with writing on it? Waste of a good pig.

jd plumma said...

I remember the blue mark on some pork rinds - an indication (i'm sure) of USDA quality stamp.....right?

Stan said...

Keep thinking that was a "inspection mark", normally anytime you see a blue mark on meat, it indicates that it is not "fit for human consumption" and is suppose to be sent to the dog food section of the plant.

RangerBill said...

fyi blue mark on meat is usda stamp of approval.
Ive had one on yoick for some time now.

RangerBill said...

Where is Peta when you need them?

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