Wednesday, April 09, 2008

7th most snow in April for LA!

That's what the news spews - and 76
vehicle accidents just today. Roads were
dangerous at best with all the variable
driving techniques of our fine city's commuters.
Between 10 (mph) and 60 seemed to be the
standard mix of caution in drivers as busy
intersections lined up for longer than typical
waits at red lights. I understand, though, that
there is usually one car at the starting line
extremely cautious to use any gas to accelerate
for fear that they might go careening into
oncoming traffic when they lose control.
I also understand the "four cars through after
the light turns red" rule (unwritten) that may
forgive this over-cautious reaction.
But, that ONE guy (you know) that
appears to have an endless RPM
- sorry to get technical - and thrives
on use of petroleum at an approximate
rate of .001 MPG because he only moved
10 feet between lights with speedometer
reading 75 and the steel belts don't
seem to grab any more....
anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah -

The traffic isn't bad at 6:30 AM.
Happy spring.

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Stan said...

I got caught in the April dump in LA, however, after finally getting off the "hillside" the going was much better - they really got a dumping. Conditions were bad all over, but it really surprised me to hear on the news the number of accidents and cars in the ditch that was responded to by the police today - was this the first snowfall of the season? On this trip, while coming around Turnagain Arm, I was traveling at a rate of speed that I usuallly drive, passed a truck and met a state trooper, who did not have his headlights on! But, he did a u-turn, flipped on his lights and stopped the truck I had just passed. Driving neck and neck with one of of the city police officers down Boniface, we approached a stop lightt, the yellow light flicks on and I stop, the city police officer just cruised on through. I have always had the opinion that we teach by example. The best news, leaving Anchorage in aheavy snow storm, going around Turnagain Arm in a heavy snow storm and packed roads, as soon as we saw the sign at the bottom of Turnagain Pass that says, "Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula" the roads were clear of snow and we had snowless roads the remainder of the trip. Spring on the Kenai Peninsula. Sweet to get home and find that spring is still in blossom.

j, d plumma said...

Keep gloating about spring on the KP. We'll see who has apples first.

Stan said...

I will cover any amount of wager that you desire to engage in that my apple tree will produce fruit before your tree does. But, beware what you bert mine has already blossomed so I have a least a 30 day head start on you. Since you are handicapped because of your climate and I live in a area that has endured the affects of global warming, I am willing to bet a minimum amount, say $1.00 and give you two to one odds.

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