Dear God,

I swear that, if the chance is upon me, I will leave some Cohos for the next angler and let some continue upstream for the future runs of salmon that delight the senses and provide a satisfying form of solitude so that I (we) don't just have to stand by the river to watch water go by. They DO taste yummy, too.


It appears that I MAY get a chance at some fishing with sanity involved - instead of marching thru' tide-sloughs and dodging bears to just get cold, wet feet (or, battling 3,000 anglers for the same fish in a silt-bed).

1.4 Types of Pollution

People are still the cause of most of Ship Creek's problems. Almost all of the pollutants are a result of human activities. Types of pollution that affect Ship Creek are thermal pollution, petroleum, PCBs and other organic compounds, turbidity, sediments, and fecal coliform bacteria (DEC Draft, 2002). There are also several biological alterations of the natural path of the river (NMFS).

Does this sound EDIBLE?!

AND - What makes THIS guy think he can fish in MY spot on the Anchor?! It's time to reclaim the territory!

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Stan said...

In your picture of the Anchor River, third from the top. You see where the first guy is fishingon top of that run. Last eveing, Heath and I fished that sport - cannot believe the number of fish! Took Hunter, Heather and Golden Granny tot he same spot later inthe eveing. Heather hooked and landed her first two silver salmon of her life. Hunter hooked and landed his first silver salmon and Golden Granny landed two silvers, turning one loose for spawning and fed most of my bait to the fish without settinghte hook. I went back this morning at daylight, hooked and landed nine, lost a bunch and ran out of bait - I would rarte the fishing as a strong fair!

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