Saturday, January 28, 2006

I was told that I spend entirely too much time blogging - let alone browsing microsoft/windows humor online. If I had $5k to spend on a new system, I would buy a liquid cooled drive. How much storage/memory would a person need to be a web HOST? Consider $8 a month from a few hundred! I, obviously, don't have the means or, knowledge at this point. In fact, I think I'm lucky just to be able to blog without help. Barley's account has been good to me (the wife's 'puter operator doesn't seem to like all my extra drawing/editing/animating/etc. software downloads - even secluded to one folder labeled my "crap"). For now, I'll use the system to the fullest extent of capability. Microsoft will have it's say until I win the lottery or something.
I do feel sorry for those of you still using IE from MS. SWITCH ALREADY! Get Firefox!
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