Thursday, December 29, 2005

What's so funny about boogers?

I seem to be developing alektorophobia and the only thing that makes me feel safe is pink paint!
More facts
did you ever have nothing serious to blog of and find the most sensless waste of time you could dream up to keep peers attention?(I love attention)

Did you know?

  • On the average, a healthy person farts 16 times a day.
  • Hey guys, don't be fooled by girls who tell you that they never fart. Everyone farts, including girls. In fact, females fart just as much as males.
  • Many animals fart too. Cats, dogs, and cows. Elephants fart the most.
  • People fart the most in their sleep.
  • Farts that contain a large amount of methane & hydrogen can be flammable.

2 opinionated prattle:

Princess Sarah said...

I love your blogs, thank you this was one for sharing, i was just telling the man how he farts in his sleep so thanks

JD Plumma said...

did you see line #2? "Females fart just as much as males."

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